Call it Amber – The most comprehensive documentary about orange wines

Studio Alp takes a viewer on a journey through time and takes a close look at the origins of amber wine.

Call it Amber opens a window into ancient wine traditions and cultures, to understand how a precious amber liquid became popular once again – and how it spearheaded a worldwide movement of passionate wine lovers who crave naturally made, additive-free wines that challenge and refresh in equal measure. The main aim of the film is to educate the public of the origins, production practices  and rising popularity of natural, particularly orange wines.

Call it Amber is already in post production! Once finished, you will be able to see and listen to interviews with some of the most influential personas in the world of natural wine making, such as Simon J. Woolf, Isabelle Legron, Joško Gravner, Saša Radikon, Douglas Wregg as well as some of the most renowned journalists and sommeliers from all over the world, like Valter Kramar from Hiša Franko, Sylvie Augereau, Carla Capalbo and many, many more! 

Personal statement from Simon J. Woolf: “This film is timely – and even better that it’s being made by a Slovenian Film Company, right in the middle of orange wine’s heartlands. Right from the start it was obvious that Studio Alp’s detailed, professional approach would deliver a very special film – and just as my book was the first to really go deep into the history of orange wine (and how it links

Georgia and Europe) so Call It Amber does the same in a cinematic form. Importantly, this film goes way beyond simple winemaker profiles, or endless shots of bucolic vineyard vistas. It tries to fathom the whole culture, audience and groundswell behind the resurgence of amber/orange wines.”

The film has been shot on countless breathtaking locations, with emphasis on Slovenia, Italy and Georgia, but the team has also attended lots of international orange and natural wine fairs, educating themselves as well as gathering the material on the subject.

Personal statement from Valter Kramar:“I feel happy and certain that the documentary will be a great success and an unforgettable experience for anyone that watches it. Studio Alp, with Andraž and Vida at the helm, created something beautiful yet informative with a subtle comfortable vibe of professionalism. Call it amber will in my opinion resonate with both wine enthusiasts and complete newcomers alike and will help bring the orange wine in the spotlight it deserves.”

After many hours of researching, travelling, interviewing and filming, the documentary is currently in post production, for which the official trailer you can already see on the website, as well as on social media profiles, where you can also see excerpts from the many interviews to be featured in the film. 

Meanwhile a plan was devised, that includes an upcoming kickstarter campaign to help raise the funds and awareness, sending out newsletters and for the most devoted fans there will also be giveaway events as well as the Amber wine merchandise online store. Until the crowdfunding campaign launches, one can also donate to the nonprofit institute Studio Alp directly on the website.


Should you be interested, the Studio Alp team is also prepared to share exclusive photos and/or videos from behind the scenes as well as the Call it Amber branding material and contact information.